Poppy Skye Murphy Cabinet Bed



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This Murphy Cabinet Bed is Gorgeous!

Our newest Cabinet Bed has a great brushed wire finish and iron hardware


Poppy Skye Murphy Cabinet Bed


The Poppy Skye Murphy Cabinet Bed includes a standard queen size premium memory foam mattress with cool gel. This fold-out bed is a remarkable sleep solution. It combines comfort, contemporary design, and affordability all in about 10 square feet of space.

Whether you live in a studio apartment or just need an extra bed for overnight guests, the Poppy Murphy Cabinet Bed is a perfect choice. When not in use, the cabinet is a great HD TV stand and can support flat screen TV’s up to 80 inches.

The TV will not need to be moved even when the bed is set up. The bed can sit under a window and can be moved around the room.

This free standing Murphy cabinet bed is simple to use. One person can set up the bed in under 30 seconds. The bed features pop up nightstands and a handy USB power port. The storage drawer will store linens making this bed both compact and self sustaining.

The Poppy bed comes with the gel top memory foam mattress with cool gel designed specially for this beds. They have a special gel top layer that keeps you cool and comfy all night long. The handy flip up nightstands on both sides provide a convenient place for your phone and a few other items. A USB port installed on the side of the bed is another convenience.

The mattress cover is both removable and washable. This standard queen size bed uses regular sheets.  There is no need to buy any special linens.  The storage drawer easily stores your linens when your bed is not in use.

Options and features


What’s included

  • Complimentary curbside delivery
  • Bed with USB port and nightstands
  • Memory gel foam mattress
  • 3 year cabinet and mattress warranty


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